【PIV】Investment immigration visa

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Project Introduction

PIV immigration is a project that was launched on July 1, 2015. This project is a new project specially formulated by Australia to promote the local economy, which can attract more funds into Australia and benefit the society.

Project Benefits

Get permanent residence status quickly in one year

Loose initial review of the project

The investment period is short, only 1 year

No residency requirement for 1 year during the investment period

Immigration conditions

Asset requirements: household assets of 15 million Australian dollars or more

Investment requirements: get nominated by the Australian Trade Commission through the recommendation of the state government, invest at least 15 million Australian dollars in Australia to develop investment products (funds/stocks/government or corporate bonds/private companies/commercial real estate/charity funds). Invest 15 million Australian dollars to move to Australia for a full year and transfer to permanent residence.

Age requirement: over 18 years old (no upper limit)

Company shares: none

Educational requirements: none

Foreign language requirements: none

Whether to interview: None

Immigration score: None

Immigration cycle: 3-6 months

Residence requirements: none

Immigration process

Preliminary assessment→sign agreement→submit state guarantee→obtain invitation letter→submit a full set of application materials→physical examination and character investigation→complete investment→visa approval→landing in Australia (settling-in service)

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