Why do a large number of wealthy people immigrate to Australia every year?!

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Recently, a “Global Wealth Migration Review” (Global Wealth Migration Review) has aroused heated discussion in countries around the world. Because it revealed the secret: which country in the world has the most money, and where the richest people in the world have immigrated to.

1. On wealth, China is second in the world

All wealth in this report is measured in U.S. dollars, so this gives China an inherent weakness in this regard. Despite this, China still surpasses Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany, and ranks second in the world on the “total personal wealth of the world” indicator! In other words, apart from the United States, China is the home base of the world’s richest people!

2. The rich are immigrating to the world

Although the speed of the birth of the rich in China has surprised the world, the rate of loss of the rich has also refreshed people’s understanding! According to data, in 2018 alone, 15,000 wealthy Chinese immigrated overseas, 6,000 more than in 2017!

Not only are the rich in China immigrating, but the rich in the world are immigrating. In 2018, 108,000 tycoons chose to live in other countries or chose to obtain status in other countries, which is 13,000 more than in 2017.

3. Where did the rich go?

The country most favored by the global rich is Australia!

This report collected trend data on the rich with assets of more than US$1 million in 195 countries and regions around the world, and obtained a clear and clear flow chart of the rich. This statistical study shows:
Australia “defeats” the United States, Canada, and the Nordic countries, and firmly ranks first!

In 2018, 12,000 millionaires immigrated to Australia. There are 10,000 in the United States and 4,000 in Canada. In 2016, Australia topped the number one destination for millionaire immigrants with 11,000 wealthy immigrants!

Now it is proved by strength again: Australia is a country where the rich come and don’t want to leave!

4. Why is Australia again

Why do so many rich people choose not the United States or Europe, but choose Australia in the southern hemisphere? When income is no longer measured by annual salary, when you are sitting on a million or even more fortune, what do you want to get with this money?

This report spent 10 years observing the situation of the rich in 195 countries around the world. They found an interesting phenomenon: Many rich people just want to save their life savings to future generations…

How to protect family wealth and pass it on to one’s children and grandchildren to the greatest extent is a question that every high-net-worth individual will consider. For most wealthy people, it is more practical to pass on property to their children than to build a business empire with money.

Comparing the inheritance taxes of various countries, we can find that Japan 55%, South Korea 50%, France 45%, Britain and the United States 40%, which is equivalent to nearly half of the property to be turned over to the national treasury. But our dear Australia has no inheritance tax! According to the information, Australia began to abolish the inheritance tax in 1978 because it hoped to reduce taxes and reduce the complexity of the tax system, and to encourage entrepreneurship and personal initiative. It is so humane~

In other words, as long as you have an Australian identity, the wealth of your life can be left intact to your descendants. Based on this, the rich will definitely choose to immigrate to Australia. Secondly, what the rich are looking for is a stable social environment. Everyone wants to live in a paradise where you can stay closed at night. In Australia, the crime rate in some wealthy areas is almost zero.

In residential areas such as Mosman and Milsons Point, there are no more than 10 crimes per month, which still includes minor cases such as traffic violations and neighborhood disputes.

From the data of the whole world, Australia is not only the country with the lowest crime rate in the world, but also the country with the highest female safety in the world! Like China, Australia has a total ban on guns. People do not have to worry about the dangers brought by guns, which greatly reduces social security problems.

Everyone hopes that they can live in a society where there is no way to find things, even if they accidentally lose something, there is hope to find it back. In Australia, this is not a luxury.

It’s really hard for you to believe that the wallet you lost in Australia can be sent back intact; if you lose hundreds of thousands of cash on the Australian train, someone will find you and return it after all the hard work; The mobile phone in the library is still waiting for you the next day…

However these examples are true. In Australia, honesty is a very ordinary and cool quality. For many Australians, honesty is more valuable than self-interest. Rich and rich people also value a warm and loving environment.

Walking on the road in Australia, an oncoming stranger will smile at you. If you are faced with a difficult situation, they will do everything they can to help you without asking for anything in return. They just hope you can pass on the kindness. They can even rush into the sea of ​​fire to save animals, or they can push to a train that is crushing people.


This is the Australian spirit, selfless and fearless can also be said to be “silly” a little cute, rich people want to trade wealth for peace of mind, so that they have no worries. No matter how rich and powerful people are, they cannot resist the invasion of birth, old age, sickness and death. In the face of disease, a good medical system is better than a wealth! Australia’s PBS plan (drug benefit plan) can kill 99% of countries in the world!

In order to help people who are seriously ill and need to buy medicines every day, the Australian government has formulated the PBS safety net, which means that the Australian government will set a threshold every year ($1494.9 in 2017), and individual or family drug expenditures exceed this. After the threshold, patients can receive a discount card, and when they need to purchase prescription drugs, they only need to pay a co-payment of no more than 10 Australian dollars for each drug. Even many “terminally ill” life-saving medicines can be bought for a few Australian dollars.

Because of the PBS program, many chronic patients have greatly reduced their medical and pharmaceutical expenses. The Australian government’s move has protected low-income groups, making them affordable and affordable for medicine.

Those anti-cancer drugs that cost tens of thousands of dollars may be the price of a bottle of mineral water in Australia.

In addition, Australia’s universal health insurance card Medicare not only allows you to enjoy free public medical care in your home country, but the Australian government also cooperates with Belgium, Finland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom (in no particular order) ) Signed a medical reciprocity agreement, which means that when you travel or live in the above countries with an Australian Medicare health insurance card, you can also enjoy the local basic medical treatment for free.

Therefore, Australia’s Medicare medical insurance card can be called the best medical insurance card in the world.

And those Australian scientists and medical scientists who have repeatedly solved incurable diseases and performed miracles are priceless treasures that other countries can’t ask for. They make Australians less threatened by disease and death than people in other countries.

The rich want to use their wealth to exchange good education for the next generation.

While many countries are still exploring quality education, Australian children have used their talents to conquer the world. Teachers in Australia not only teach students to learn knowledge, but also teach them to use knowledge to realize their dreams. Cramming education basically does not exist in Australia, because the philosophy of Australian education is: there is a bigger world outside the examination room!

Even if they can’t get so many double percent marks, Australia has produced children like this:

I stand on the podium of the Apple Developer Conference at a young age;
Developed a life-saving drug worth 110,000 at a cost of tens of Australian dollars, successfully fighting the world’s largest drug dealer
Or let dozens of homeless people get enough food and clothing on their own…
Just ask who doesn’t want their children to become a great weapon and make some contributions to society while they grow up healthy and happy? Similarly, trading wealth for a place where you can enjoy your hobbies is also a factor that rich people pay attention to.

What do these rich people like to play? Take a look at the hobbies list of the world’s richest people: art collection, sailing, skiing, golf, horse riding…

And Australia has the best bay, the best golf course, the best horse farm, the best art gallery, the best hunting ground, the best gymnasium, the best snorkeling paradise in the world…

In Australia, the rich can use their skills and enjoy themselves.

No matter how much wealth a person has, he will always return to life and nature. No amount of gold and silver jewelry is enough for a bowl of hot soup and white rice to attract. No matter how splendid decoration is, it cannot compare with the golden and warmth sprinkled by the sun. After having so much wealth, people’s biggest dream is to choose one city to live their lives and let their families get the best protection and support.

And everything in Australia can meet the most essential needs of life. Clear blue sky, clean air, safe food, clean water, these priceless treasures of life can be seen everywhere in Australia, and they are all free.

Some people do not have much wealth, but they also understand the good and bad things, and have been running on the road to chase good things. And you, have the ability to have huge wealth, why not turn it into a more important thing in life?

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