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What is CRS? Why are rich people also afraid?

CRS is the English abbreviation of Common Reporting Standard, and is a standard for automatic exchange of tax-related information on financial accounts proposed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). To put it simply, it requires the signatories to mutually disclose the economic assets of the citizens of the other country in order to improve tax transparency and combat cross-border tax evasion. Currently, 101 countries and regions have committed to implement CRS.

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CRS is fierce!Wealth is fully transparent and automatically exchanged!

Information to be exchanged

  • Overseas Institution Account Type

    Financial institutions including depository institutions, custodian institutions, investment institutions, and specific insurance companies.
  • Account content

    Deposit accounts, custody accounts, cash hedging insurance contracts, annuity contracts, and equity/bond rights of financial institutions.
  • Asset information type

    Name, date of birth, tax residence, account and account balance, and the total amount paid to or credited to the account each year.

Automatic exchange

ountry (or region) tax information exchange Country (or region) tax information delivery

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SixAffected people

Facing risks: full exposure of wealth, explanation of source of property, traceability of tax liability

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CRS response plan

Configure low-tax country passport

  • St. Kitts US$400,000, starting from 60 days for Commonwealth status
  • Cyprus 2 million euros, starting from 90 days for EU status

The same low-tax country, no global taxation; as a citizen of that country, you can easily open an overseas account

Quickly allocate overseas assets

Configure overseas real estate

Configure overseas real estate + identity+identity

  • Greece Starting from 250,000 euros, purchase a house to send immigration status
  • Spain Starting from 500,000 Euros, purchase a house and send immigration status
  • Portugal Starting from 500,000 Euros, purchase a house and send immigration status

Other non-financial assets

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