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Overview of Employer Guarantee Nominated by the Province of Canada

Canadian provincial nominee immigration refers to the immigration path negotiated with the Federal Department of Immigration by some provinces in Canada based on their own province’s economic development and talent needs. PNP for short is the provincial nominee program. After getting the provincial nomination, the day to get PR is just around the corner.

Canadian province nominates employer sponsored immigration

1. Employment Insurance (EI)

2. Medical Service Plan (MSP)

3. Canada Retirement Plan CanadaPension Plan (CPP)

4. Social Welfare (SW)

5. Holiday VocationOpportunity

6. Old Age Security (OAS)

7. Milk Child Tax Benefit

8. Child Care Subsidy

9. Government Housing

10. GuaranteedIncome Supplement (GIS)

11. Spouse’s Allowance (SPA)

12. Pregnancy allowance

13. Childcare allowance

14. Sickness allowance

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The United States of America (English: United States of America), referred to as "United States" (United States), is a federal republic composed of Washington, District of Columbia, 50 states, Guam and many other overseas territories. Its main part is located in central North America. The total area of the United States is 9.373 million square kilometers, the population of 330 million [1], General English, and an immigrant country.

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Canadian expedition In this civilized country, there is a home of one's own

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