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Australia 188C Significant Investor Visa

The188Cvisa,alsoknownas"AustralianSignificantInvestorVisa",issuitableforpeoplewithhighnet worthandhighincome.Thereisnoupperagelimitandnobusinessbackgroundrequirement for the 188C visa.YoujustneedtoinvestA$5million inbonds,funds,projectsandcompaniesrecognizedby theAustraliangovernmenttoobtaina4-yearlong-term residence visa.After you have spent 160 days out of 4 years in Australia, you can apply for the 888 visa for permanent residence easily.

  • Type of Visa

    4-year temporary residence visa

  • Processing time

    12 months

  • Potential applicants


  • Investmentamount

    A$ 5 million


Requirements for Australia's 188C Visa - Significant Investor Stream

Age: There is noagelimit;

Net assets : You should have net martial / personal / family assets of at least A$5 million (about RMB 25 million);

Investment: You just need to invest A$5 million in bonds, funds, projects and companies recognized by the Australian government;

Business: You should investatleastA$5millioninto complying investments:1)atleastA $500,000 in venture capital and growth private equity fund(s);2)atleastA $1.5millionin eligible smallcompanyfund(s)orsmallcompanieslistedontheAustralian SecuritiesExchange(ASX);3)a "balancing investment" of up to A$3 million in managed fund(s) or other eligible assets, including ASX listed companies, eligible corporate bonds or notes, annuities and real property (subject to the 10% limit on residential real estate).

Language: There isEnglishlanguage requirement.

Advantages of Australia's 188C Visa - Significant Investor Stream

  • 01

    Noupperage limit

  • 02

    Relatively loose requirements for source of funds evidence

  • 03

    You justneedtoinvestA $5 million toobtaina4- yearlongtermresidencevisa.

  • 04

    After you have spent 160 days out of 4 years in Australia, you can apply for the 888 visa for permanent residence easily.

  • 05

    Nopoints test and no businessbackground requirements

Six Frequently Asked Questions about Australia's 188C Visa - Significant Investor Stream

FAQ1:WhatcanbethesourceofA$5million? Canthe funds be gifted funds from parents?

Applicantscanobtainthe A$ 5 million as gifts or inherit the sum of money according to wills,buttheyneedtoprovetherelationshipbetweentherecipientandthedonoror provide transferrecords.Please note that the Department of Home Affairs will investigatethelegalityoftheA$5millionfrom the donor.

FAQ 2: Can 188C main applicant bring adult children? What is the maximum age of the children?

To put it simply, if the child is under 23 years old, as long as he is still in university, has no job, or is unmarried, he can still immigrate to Australia with his parents.

FAQ3:Duringthefouryearsofholdingthe188Cvisa,canI withdraw or change the"approvedinvestment"?How many days can I have to reinvest?

Althoughthetransition from the 188Cvisa to888visarequirestheapplicanttoholdtheapprovedinvestmentfor4years,applicants are permitted to change their business activity.Iftheapplicantwithdrawspartofthefunds,aslongasthe same amount canbereinvestedintheapprovedinvestmentwithin30naturaldays,itwillnotcausetheinterruptionofthe approvedinvestment.Ifyou fail to reinvest within30days,you will breach condition 8557 and your visa may be subject to visa cancellation.

FAQ4:Willthegain made from the"approvedinvestment"ofA$5millionaffectthestatusofthe188Cvisaandthegrant ofthe888Cvisa?

AccordingtotherelevantpoliciesoftheImmigrationAct,the gain made from theapprovedinvestmentwillnotaffectthevisastatusofthe188Cvisaorthegrant ofthe888C visa.Inotherwords,inextremecases,eveniftheinvestmenthassufferedaloss,theapplicantcanstillapplyforthe888Cpermanentresidencevisa.

FAQ5:CanI lodge an offshore 888Cvisaapplication?

The888CvisaapplicationcanbesubmittedinAustralia oroutsidethe country.Ifyouarebusywithdomesticbusiness,youdon'thavetogotoAustraliaforthis.

FAQ6:Afterthe188CnominationisgrantedandtheDeparment of Home Affairsissuestheinvitation,what's the time limitfortheapplicanttosubmitthevisaapplication?

Aftertheinvitationis issuedbytheDeparment of Home Affairs,theapplicantneedstosubmitthevisaapplicationwithin60days. Afterreceivingtheinvestment invitation,theapplicantneedstotransferA$5million to completetheinvestmentwithin28days andproviderelevantevidence of investmentbeforethevisais granted.

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