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EB1-C multinational corporate executives/managers immigration is aimed at senior managers, business owners and other high-asset individuals currently working in multinational companies. EB1-C immigration allows multinational companies to send their senior managers outside the United States to their branches (or headquarters) in the United States to continue their senior management work.

The EB1-C immigrant visa requires companies in the United States to have a recognized multinational company partnership with foreign companies outside the United States. A Chinese parent company or an enterprise entity (company, partnership, or sole proprietorship) in any country other than the United States can apply for EB1-C immigration if it has or will establish a multinational enterprise relationship with an enterprise entity in the United States.

The US NV Alliance project is the 2019 high-quality star investment immigration project. The American NVA Alliance focuses on the physical education and training of American youth. It is different from general business practices and is easier to be accepted by the US government and immigration in terms of the nature and meaning of the project. [NVA, the first professional men's volleyball league in the United States, formerly known as Blizzard Volleyball, officially kicked off on December 1, 2018. 】

The investment amount is 300,000 US dollars, and you can log in to the United States in as little as 3 months. In addition to cheap investment in EB-1C multinational corporate executive immigration, the rapid approval and US green card are also reasons for attracting eb-1c executives to emigrate to the United States.

U.S. Investment Immigration EB1-C Program

What are the benefits of American immigrants?

1. Freedom of employment. Green card holders are not restricted to work in the United States.

2. Retirement benefits After a total of 10 years of tax payment records (the bottom line is the actual tax payment of about $50 per month), you can receive the pension from the US federal government for life ($1000~$1200 per month) after retirement.

3. Unemployment benefits When the applicant, spouse and even children are not working after the green card transfer, the government will find you a job for free. After having six months of tax payment records, you can receive government relief (amount ranging from $400 to $1200 per month) when you report your unemployment to the relevant local authorities in the United States.

4. Life and funds Green card holders can enjoy some insurance products linked to life and funds that are not available in China but only in the United States, so that they can have more income after retirement.

5. Elderly medical insurance Medical expenses in the United States are quite high, but any "low-income" green card holder (without tax payment records) can apply for a "medical card" after retirement, and use the card to see any medical conditions without spending money.

6. House purchase subsidy Green card holders can apply to purchase low-income elderly apartment housing after retirement. You can use about 35% of the market price to buy your own housing in the United States that is subsidized by the state.

7. Government subsidies When green card holders have no accumulated tax payment records for ten years before retirement, as long as they become US citizens, the government will directly provide living allowances (over $600 per month) after retirement. If I don’t live in the United States, I can also enjoy the money.

The United States of America (English: United States of America), referred to as "United States" (United States), is a federal republic composed of Washington, District of Columbia, 50 states, Guam and many other overseas territories. Its main part is located in central North America. The total area of the United States is 9.373 million square kilometers, the population of 330 million [1], General English, and an immigrant country.

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Common problem
  • Legally living in the U.S. for many years does not mean that you can apply for a green card

    The immigration policies of some countries in the world have relevant provisions. For example, you can apply for a green card or permanent residency after you have lived legally in the country for many years, not including time to study abroad. For such an immigration policy, very few countries will allow similar situations. For example, there are no relevant policy clauses for US immigration, so many immigrants need to study the US immigration policies and regulations in detail before immigrating, or call us for consultation.

  • What are the things to be aware of for immigrants

    The U.S. government will keep the records of past visa applications, so please keep the information consistent and accurate when applying for different types of visas.

    When applicants apply for a US visa or legal permanent residence status, the government will require them to provide important information about themselves, such as work history, criminal record, education history, etc., and the government will archive all these applications.

    If the information provided by the visa applicant is inaccurate or inconsistent, the immigration officer may think that he/she has made a statement to the government that it is not, which may lead to rejection of the immigration application and long-term adverse effects on the future immigration process.

American expedition trip In this civilized country, there is a home of one's own

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  • Tailor-made immigration plan

    Tailor-made immigration plan: put yourself in the position to consider problems for customers, be professional and dedicated

  • Strict selection of boutique properties

    Strict selection of boutique properties: cooperate with world-renowned law firms to screen out qualified and high-quality properties for customers to choose freely

  • Equipped with a professional copywriting team

    Equipped with a professional copywriting team: each of your documents will be properly organized for you and produced with high requirements to ensure that you pass it efficiently

  • Provide after-settlement services

    Provide follow-up services for resettlement: Caring for your overseas resettlement life, covering landing, travel, education, financial management, house leasing and custody, taxation, etc.

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