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On April 18, 2013, Greece promulgated the Investment Immigration Promotion Act. Non-EU citizens can apply for a Greek residence permit visa if they purchase real estate worth 250,000 euros or more in Greece. In July 2015, the New Deal was promulgated, stipulating that the realization of at least 250,000 euros in the purchase of a house can obtain permanent residency in Greece.


Low investment amount, high welfare return, three generations of family immigrants, Greek immigrants are very popular once they are launched.


Project Benefits

  • Short: no academic qualifications, language, work experience, business background, funding source requirements, simple application procedures, one step to obtain permanent residence for investors
    Ping: Low investment amount, only need to purchase 250,000 euros or more of real estate, enjoy freehold property rights
    Fast: Approval is fast, and it takes about 2-3 months to obtain a 5-year investor permanent residence permit*
    Many: one person invests, three generations of immigrants
    Province: No residency requirement, saving the worries of immigration supervision
    Excellent: high-quality housing, multiple choices of apartments and villas, flexible matching, and large appreciation space
    EntourageSpouse; 2. Unmarried children under the age of 21, financially dependent on the main applicant; 3. Main applicant or the parents of the spouse, financially dependent on the main applicant.Note: The approval time is for reference only, and the actual official approval time shall prevail.

Application requirements

  • The main applicant is over 18 years old
    Purchase a property in Greece worth 250,000 Euros or more
    Buy medical insurance
    No criminal records

Application process

  • 1. Free consultation
    2. Sign the contract
    3. Prepare documents
    4. Apply for a Schengen visa
    5. Visit to Greece, pay the deposit, sign the lawyer’s authorization letter, open a bank account
    6. After returning to China, the lawyer completes the subsequent house purchase procedures
    7. Submit the investor's permanent residence permit application (applicants who have never entered the country need to enter the country first and then submit the application)
    8. Approved investor permanent residence (renewal every five years)
    9. Apply for permanent residency (in compliance with relevant requirements)
    10. Approved for permanent residency (renewal every five years)
    11. Apply for naturalization (in compliance with relevant requirements)
    *The application process and time are for reference only, subject to official approval.

The advantages of obtaining a Schengen green card for Greek investment immigrants are prominent. Since Greece is one of the 26 Schengen countries of the European Union, holding a Greek passport can freely enter and exit most countries in the world. It is worth noting that it is very convenient to go to the United States, Canada and other countries with a Schengen green card, but it is not a visa-free. Only when you join the nationality of the Schengen country, you can enter the United States, Canada and other countries without a visa; Greece green card A green card that belongs to the Schengen countries of the European Union and can move freely (including life, travel and work), and the green card system of the entire European Union has incomparable advantages compared with countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia. Greece is one of the first countries in the world to implement a social welfare system, and it is also one of the countries with the best social welfare in the world. At present, a fairly complete social welfare network has covered all parts of the country. Greece has a wide variety of welfare and is a typical high-welfare country.

European investment immigration surges, and Greece stands out among many investment countries due to its high cost-effective advantages. With its simplest policies, real estate prices in a "depression of value" and huge investment potential, Greece has become the most popular country for investment and property purchase.

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Immigration Information
Common problem
  • What are the precautions for entering Greece?

    Must enter and exit from the specified port

    Everyone must enter and exit from the designated port (special circumstances are handled by the Ministry of Public Order on a case-by-case basis), and are obliged to undergo border inspection upon arrival and departure.

    Foreigners must hold passports or other travel documents recognized by international treaties when entering the country. If visas are required according to regulations, they must have visas on their passports or travel documents.

    Refusal of entry

    Even if foreigners have a visa, they will be refused entry in the following situations:

    Be blacklisted;

    According to the World Health Organization or other international standards, their entry may pose a threat to public order or public health;

    Passports or other travel documents do not guarantee that they will return to their country of origin or go to a third country;

    Interested in staying in Greece but failed to apply for a residence permit through legal means;

    There is no necessary document to prove the legitimate purpose of the trip and reliable financial resources, unless a Greek citizen guarantees it in accordance with legal procedures.

    Foreign exchange control

    Greece is a country with foreign exchange control. Gold and foreign currency can be brought into the country freely. If it exceeds US$1,000, it should be declared. However, if you do not declare the amount of your carry-in in advance at the Curency Control window, you are only allowed to carry USD 1,000.

    When leaving the country, the Greek customs will conduct random inspections, so you must make an honest declaration. As for the bringing in and out of traveler's checks, there are no restrictions.

    Bringing items into the country

    Prohibited items:

    Tobacco products, 200 cigarettes;

    100 cigarillos (each 3 grams or less), 50 cigars, half a catty of tobacco;

    Alcoholic beverages, up to two bottles;

    Perfume, up to 50 grams.

    Note: Travelers under the age of 17 cannot carry tobacco or alcohol products duty-free.

Greece expedition In this civilized country, there is a home of one's own

Aoye Immigration has a strong ability to integrate overseas resources, with customers all over the country, and has successfully helped many Chinese families realize their overseas dreams of immigration and asset safety appreciation. It has won the trust and praise of customers across the country, and has been rated as "trustworthy by the public" more times Overseas investment institutions" and other honors.

  • Tailor-made immigration plan

    Tailor-made immigration plan: put yourself in the position to consider problems for customers, be professional and dedicated

  • Strict selection of boutique properties

    Strict selection of boutique properties: cooperate with world-renowned law firms to screen out qualified and high-quality properties for customers to choose freely

  • Equipped with a professional copywriting team

    Equipped with a professional copywriting team: each of your documents will be properly organized for you and produced with high requirements to ensure that you pass it efficiently

  • Provide after-settlement services

    Provide follow-up services for resettlement: Caring for your overseas resettlement life, covering landing, travel, education, financial management, house leasing and custody, taxation, etc.

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