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What kind of visa is the 188C visa?

The 188C visa, also known as “Australian Significant Investor Immigration”, is a new investment immigration category launched on November 24, 2012, suitable for people with high assets and high income. There is no upper age limit for the 188C visa and no business background requirements. You only need to invest 5 million Australian dollars in bonds, funds, projects and companies approved by the Australian government to obtain a four-year long-term residence visa. Only need to live for 160 days in four years, you can easily apply for 888 visa to permanent residence. Since it is neither required to go to Australia for business nor long-term residence, it is most suitable for the elite and rich people whose career focus is still in China, so it has become the most favored project by Chinese people.

In 2013, Mr. H, an applicant for 188C visa, was successfully approved through Aoye immigration. He is a toy businessman from Guangdong, China. In 2017, he was successfully approved for 888 permanent residence through Aoye.

Aoye exclusive official data

From 2012 to May 31, 2017, the total number of 188C applications was 3,142, and the number of applications received was about 1,825.

The data comes from the official website of the Australian Immigration Service

How to apply and invest

To apply for an Australian 188C visa, you first need to submit a willingness application to Skill Select; then obtain the nomination of the state or territory government; and finally invest at least 5 million Australian dollars in the areas specified by the policy. The areas regulated by the 188C visa policy for major investor immigration include: Australian state or territory bonds, funds authorized by the Australian Equity and Investment Commission to invest in Australia or direct investment to non-listed Australian private companies.

Immigration advantages

If the financial conditions are met and you want to immigrate to Australia, the 188C visa is undoubtedly a suitable Australian immigration project.

Australia’s major investment immigration visa is almost “you can do it if you have money.” This visa has only one requirement for immigration applicants, that is, “invest 5 million Australian dollars to a project recognized by the Australian Immigration Bureau.” There is nothing else. Other requirements, and the immigration process is extremely fast, and the whole family can obtain Australian immigration status within 12 months.

For the 188C visa, only one person needs to apply, and the whole family can obtain an immigrant visa. After successful immigration, the immigration supervision is negligibly short. After the applicant has landed in Australia, his children can immediately attend local public primary and secondary schools for free.

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