Changes of visa policy in 2021

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2020 is an unprecedented year for international students and immigrants.
What will be the visa policy in 2021change.
The following is a summary of immigration policies and visa changes implemented in 2021.
1、Change of immigration plan
The Morrison government has decided to keep the upper limit of the 2020-21 immigration plan at 160000, but has significantly changed the components of the quota and will pay more attention to family immigration visa.
2、Priority for employer sponsored global talent and business visa
As part of the most important budget announcement in October, the federal government said it would give priority to innovators, investors and people who can create jobs.
3.New English requirements for spouse visa
In order to maximize the employment opportunities of new immigrants, the government announced in October that immigrants and their permanent resident guarantors who apply for immigrant visa must have the function of English proficiency, or must prove that they have made reasonable efforts to learn the language.
4、Work visa for international students for an additional one to two years
From 2021, only those who have obtained a degree from a regional educational institution and work in the Australian region (category 485) will be eligible for additional TGV time (approximately one to two years).
The incentives will provide the necessary support to universities and communities in the region, which is intensifying in the face of economic pressures and massive unemployment following the cowid-19 pandemic.
Immigration agent Ranbir Singh said this is good news for international students already living in the region.
Due to the difficulty of applying for skilled immigrants at present, the extra one or two years will provide them with enough time and opportunities to strive for more points to be invited in the future.
“It will also attract potential students to choose the Australian region as a learning destination,” he said

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