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Australia's 188A Visa - Business Innovation Stream

The188AvisaisaclassicbusinessimmigrationprogramofAOYE,andtheinterview exemptionrateisashighas99%.Itisa4-yeartemporaryresidencevisa.The agerequirementfortheapplicantisrelativelyloose andtherequirementsforthemainapplicant'sbusinessturnoverandfamilyassetsareloweramong businessinvestmentimmigration programs. Itissuitablefor business owners who have at least 4 years' business experience. Theapplicantsmay be eligible for permanentresidencestatusthrough transition to the 888 visa aftermaking investmentsinAustraliafor2years.

  • Type of Visa

    4-year temporary residence visa

  • Processing time

    6-12 months

  • Potential applicants

    Manager of SMEs and large enterprises

  • Investment amount



Requirements for Australia's 188A Visa - Business Innovation Stream

Age: You should be under the age of 55;

Net assets : Your net martial / personal / family assets should reach A$ 800,000;

Investment: You should invest A$200,000tostarta businessinAustralia;

Business: For 2 of the past 4 fiscal years, your business ( or two businesses) had an annual turnover of at least A$500,000. Your spouse and you should have at least a 30% shareholding, and in the case of a listed company, it is not less than 10%.

Language: There is noEnglishlanguage requirement;

Score: You must socre at least 65 points.

Advantages of Australia's 188A Visa - Business Innovation Stream

  • 01

    It requires the lowest investment amountamongtheAustr alian immigrationprograms: A $200,000.

  • 02

    Theaverageprocessing time of the 188A Visa is 6-12months.

  • 03

    It has relativelyloose processing standards.

  • 04

    Applicants can have more flexibleinvestment methods .

10 Frequently Asked Questions about Australia's 188A Visa

1. Whatistheagerequirementforthemainapplicant?

Generally,themainapplicantisrequiredtobeunder55yearsold andsomestates may waive the requirement iftheapplicantmakessignificantcontributionsto thestate.

2. Isthereanyagelimitforchildren?

Generally,theDepartment of Home Affairs stipulates that childrencan be included if they are at school and under23yearsold. The processing time is 1to1.5years,soitisrecommendedthatthe application should be loged when your children are 21 years old.

3. Whatistheminimumshareholding requirement?Cantheshareholdingofthemainapplicantandhis/her spousebeaddeduptomeettherequirements?

For two of the past four fiscal years, your shareholding should be30%ormore andtheturnovershould be at least A$ 500,000. If the business was a publicly listed company , you should hold a 10% or more shareholding. Theshareholding owned by your spouse and you canbeaddedup tomeettherequirements.

4.Doestheapplicant'snetassetsincludecompanyassets?Canitbeowned byachildorspouse?

Netassetscanincludecompanyassetsandpersonalassets owned by your spouse.Ifthechildisnotfinanciallyindependent,theproperty owned bythechildcanalsobecounted.

5. Cantheturnoverofdifferentcompaniesbeaddedup tomeettherequirements?

Theturnoverofdifferentcompaniescanbeaddeduptomeetthetotalturnoverrequirements.Theshareholding owned in two companies can be added up and the total amount should also meet the requirement.

6. Canindividual business owners inChinaapplyforthe188Avisa?

There are somerestrictionsbut it is not explicitly stipulated that individual business owners are not allowed to apply for it.Itdependsonwhether the individual business owners can provetheirbusinessturnover andthetaxreturnisthemostpowerfulsupportingdocument

7. Canbusiness executivesapplyforAustralianthe 188Avisa?

Only shareholdersofacompany can apply for the visa.Ifthebusiness executivesdonothavetherequiredshareholding,theyarenot eligibletoapply.

8. Howtodefinegazelle businessesinthe188Apoints test?

Gazelle businesses refer to newly established businesses experiencing rapid growth during a short period. The business must have been registered for no more than five years. The average annualised growth in turnover of the business must have been greater than 20% each year for a continuous period of three fiscal years. The business must have had 10 or more full-time employees for at least one fiscal year in the three-year period.

9. I get 0points for some items in the points test.Willitaffectmyvisaapplication?

AturnoverofatleastA$500,000andafamilynetworthofatleast A$800,000aretheminimumrequirements that mustbemet.IELTS, managementexperience,innovativetechnologyandotheraspectsarepluses.Ifyoudonotmeet those requirements butyoureach65points,youcanstillapply for the visa.Higher points will facilitate the selection.Generally, it's important to get points for personalassetsandbusinessturnover

10. How to define experience in business mentioned in the points test?Doesitmeanthattheclientmusthaveacompany? Ifthe companyhasbeenestablishedfornomorethan4years,will the client get 0points?

Generally,ifaclientrequestsadditionalpointsforbusinessexperienceintheirowncompany,itisrequiredthattheapplicanthave some shareholding inthecompany andthereisnoturnoverrequirement.Ifthecompanyhasbeenestablishedfor4years,additionalpointscanbeadded.

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