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Saint Kitts and Nevis is located in the northern part of the Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean Sea in North America. It is a federal island country composed of Saint Kitts (St. Kitts) and Nevis. In September 1983 Independence on the 19th and is now a member of the Commonwealth. The citizenship by investment program was launched in 1984, which is the longest established project of its kind in the world. As a world-class offshore tax haven, citizens of this country have no personal income tax, capital gains tax, net wealth tax, inheritance tax, gift tax, and no global taxation. Moreover, there is no personal income tax on overseas income for immigrants, which is convenient for applicants to transfer and deposit assets, and it is also convenient for applicants to open offshore companies and offshore accounts to achieve cross-border business.

National advantage
  • CRS Haven

    1St. KittsRobust and safe project

    2St. Kitts tax advantagesNo personal income tax, capital gains tax, net asset tax, inheritance tax and gift tax, it is a world-class offshore company registration place

    3Short processing cycle in St. KittsThe processing speed is fast, and the application can be completed within 4-6 months

    4St. Kitts Global TravelPassports are exempt from visas in more than 140 countries and regions around the world. The application conditions are loose. No language, education, age and management experience requirements

Project Introduction
Application conditions and accompanying family members

Healthy body Be at least 18 years old No criminal records Real estate as an investment: starting at $200,000

>>Accompanying family members:

>>1. The applicant's spouse;

>>2. Children of the applicant and his spouse who meet the following conditions:

>>① Minor children under the age of 18;

>>②18-30 full-time students who are financially dependent;

>>③Children over 18 years old who have psychological or physical defects;

>>3. Applicants or spouses whose parents or grandparents are over 55 years old and financially dependent

Project Benefits
  • Financial planning

    Set up offshore accounts and offshore companies to realize the grand blueprint of transnational finance and corporate listing

  • Fast naturalization

    The trial period is short, and national status can be approved within 4-6 months

  • Tax haven

    No income tax, capital gains tax and wealth tax; and citizens' income, interest, gifts, inheritance and property outside Saint Kitts and Nevis are not taxed

  • Family immigration

    One person applies, the whole family (the applicant's spouse, children, parents and grandparents) can obtain national status at the same time

  • privacy protection

    Saint Kitts and Nevis allows dual citizenship without informing the country of origin to protect the privacy of applicants

  • safe and stable

    The investment immigration project with the most stable policy has been successfully operated for more than 30 years

St. Kitts

St Kitts Scenery-Beautiful Beach

St Kitts scenery

St. Kitts
Common problem
  • Is the passport of a small country like St. Kitts good? Is it worth it?

    Small country passports are not only fast, but also have many advantages and are extremely cost-effective. Let’s take the passport of the small country of St. Kitts as an example, let’s take a look at the advantages.

    Ensure wealth security

    As St. Kitts is a “tax haven”, there is no personal income tax, no inheritance tax, no capital gains tax, and no global taxation. With St. Kitts status, you can enjoy the tax exemption policy, and can also plan and allocate assets globally, which preserves assets to a greater extent.

    Excellent tax planning

    The Caribbean region, where St. Kitts is located, is one of the largest gathering places of wealth in the world. The world-famous tax-haven offshore financial centers such as Cayman, BVI, Bahamas, etc. are all located in the Caribbean region. Not only the international giants Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook choose here Registration, Baidu, Huiyuan, Sina, China Unicom, Lenovo, SOHO China, Greentown China, Evergrande Group, New World Department Store, Mengniu, Shanda, 51job, Giant Network, Qihoo 360 and a large number of well-known Chinese companies, also The place of registration will be selected in these offshore islands.

    World travel

    The passport of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis is exempt from visas in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, including the United Kingdom, visa exemption for 6 months, and Schengen countries visa exemption for 3 months, such as Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland , Denmark, Austria, Russia, etc. . . Asian countries are exempt from visa for 1-3 months, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, etc. In addition, if you apply for a visa to Canada or the United States, it is easy to get a 10-year multiple-entry visa.

    Solve tax issues under CRS

    With the launch of CRS, overseas asset account information has become transparent, and it will no longer be possible to hide assets and avoid tax through offshore finance. If you have a citizenship of St. Kitts and become a tax resident of the country, you can open offshore companies and offshore bank accounts under your new status. In addition, the St. Kitts government currently does not have diplomatic relations with China.

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  • Tailor-made immigration plan

    Put yourself in a position to consider problems for customers, be professional and focused

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