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Aoye brand originated from Australia!

Since the 1990s, Ms. Li Min (Australian Justice of the Peace), founder of Aoye brand, has been committed to providing professional consulting services for cultural and business exchanges between China and Australia, immigration and study from Australia, the United States and Europe, and family reunions.

Strength creates classics and integrity creates brands. With more than ten years of practical experience and profound professional background, Aoye has created countless classic cases in the industry.

In 2013, the Australian government just launched the 5 million Australian dollar 188C visa for major investment immigrants. It was born in Aoye, which caused various media to report and became a buzzword. It also established Aoye's leading position in the immigration industry.

Aoye Immigration has always been adhering to the corporate mission of "spreading Chinese culture and integrating overseas civilization", and is committed to helping Chinese elites "go out"-spread Chinese culture to the world and "bring back"-introducing advanced international concepts into the construction of the motherland.

Aoye will continue to adhere to the concept of "customer service as the center, customer demand as the guide, and customer satisfaction as the standard", to provide customers and friends with comprehensive, reliable, and full-cycle landing services to ensure that customers seamlessly connect with China and Australia. life. Go beyond today and create the future! Aoye will continue to surpass ourselves together with you and become a better industry benchmark!

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