【188A】Suitable for SMEs

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The 188A visa is a classic business immigration program of Aoye, and the interview-free rate is as high as 99%. This visa is a four-year temporary residence visa. The applicant’s age requirements are relatively loose; the capital requirements for the main applicant’s business turnover and family assets are lower among commercial investment immigration, and it is suitable for those with more than 4 years Business owners with a business background, the applicants will be converted to permanent residence after two years of investment in Australia. Although the visa does not have mandatory requirements for the main applicant’s academic qualifications and English, it also adopts scoring and screening. The scoring method will not only consider the applicant’s personal and commercial net assets, and business turnover indicators, but also target the applicant’s age , English proficiency, academic level, etc. are scored separately. At the same time, points will be added based on some specific factors, such as: technological innovation, registered patents, state nomination, etc…. Compared with other business immigration programs, it is most suitable for domestic Chinese Small business owners, large business managers.

This visa has no specific requirements for academic qualifications and English. As long as the investor is under 55 years of age, family assets are above 800,000 Australian dollars, the company’s turnover exceeds 500,000 Australian dollars (up to two companies added together) and a certain percentage of shares are held to meet the corresponding requirements Immigration score, you can submit an immigration application.

The 188A visa is a 4-year temporary visa. After the visa is approved, the applicant needs to go to Australia to run a small business for two years. After meeting the corresponding business and residence requirements, the whole family can get an Australian permanent residence visa (green card) after two years.

Affected by the policy dividends brought about by the official entry into force of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, Australia’s entrepreneurial business prospects are very good, and the prospects of Australian 188a entrepreneurial immigration are also highly anticipated. Many Chinese businessmen take this policy to emigrate to Australia. Australia’s states have gradually liberalized “restricted investment industries.”

In Sydney or Melbourne, you only need to successfully set up a small business, maintain it for two years, and personally participate in the daily management of the business or let your spouse participate in the daily management of the business, and then the whole family can obtain an Australian permanent resident green card.

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