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The 188B investor visa is a four-year temporary residence visa specially set up for investors engaged in investment activities (such as stocks, futures, funds, foreign exchange, etc.). Applicants are required to have outstanding investment experience and experience. Through state government guarantees, they can choose to transfer investment funds to bonds designated by the Australian government to hold for four years, and then they can be transferred to permanent residence. The 188B visa is a classic investment immigration project of Aoye. This visa has relatively loose age requirements for applicants, and does not require the applicant to own a business or company, but it values ​​the applicant’s investment ability. It also requires the applicant to have a bond designated by the Australian government for 4 years and before applying for a permanent residency status Live in Australia for 2 years. Although this visa has no mandatory requirements for the main applicant’s academic qualifications and English, it needs to be screened by scoring. In addition to considering the applicant’s personal and family net assets and investment experience, the scoring method will also be based on the applicant’s age and English Level, academic level, etc. are scored separately, so if the applicant’s academic qualifications and English reach a certain level, it will undoubtedly improve the overall score.

The 188B visa has relatively loose requirements for the applicant’s source of property. As long as you can provide tax bills/delivery documents for past stock transactions, and prove through these delivery documents that the funds involved in the immigration investment are investment profits, you can submit an immigration application to the Australian Immigration Bureau.

Eligible applicants will first obtain a 4-year temporary business visa. As long as the investment funds remain in Australia for 4 years and the main applicant has lived in the sponsored state for 2 years in 4 years, they can formally apply for permanent residence.

If 188B investors want to do business in Australia, they can also apply for a permanent residence visa 2 years in advance according to the requirements of the 888 business owner category.

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