The Australian immigration 188C visa was successfully approved by a toy manufacturer from Guangdong

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The “A$5 million Significant Investor Immigration Visa” allows the wealthy to “invest and obtain Australian immigration status” for the first time

On November 24, 2012, the Australian Immigration Bureau officially announced the start of the “5 million Australian dollars important investor visa”. On May 3, 2013, the Australian Immigration Bureau heard news that the “5 million Australian dollars important investor” was approved. The reporter understands that the applicant is from Guangdong, a toy manufacturer.

“A$5 million important investor immigration” is a new attempt by the Australian Immigration Bureau for the business investment immigration program. It is the first time for individuals who have considerable wealth and are willing to invest A$5 million to Australia, regardless of the applicant’s business background. A “Kangzhuang Avenue” was created.

I envy relatives to do it myself

Mr. H, a typical Guangdong businessman, founded a toy factory on his own strength as early as 2000, and successfully earned his first pot of gold in just four years.

Mr. H’s idea of ​​emigrating came from relatives. The relatives successfully immigrated to Australia through the “163 business investment” visa in the early years. After that, Mr. H’s family went to Australia to visit relatives and gradually liked the environment there. Mr. H began to consider immigration. But what makes him contradictory is that he wants to immigrate to Australia as soon as possible, but he is not willing to give up domestic business immediately, and most of the immigrant visas in Australia have restrictions on living conditions. Just as he was struggling with this, the “5 million Australian dollar important investor visa” was issued.

According to the introduction of Oye Immigration, who undertook the immigration procedures of Mr. H, on December 21, 2012, they submitted the EOI for the client Mr. H, and obtained the state government guarantee and EOI invitation letter on the same day. On January 6, 2013, they submitted a formal visa application for Mr. H. On January 24, I received a notice of replacement from the Immigration Bureau. On March 7, Mr. H received the notice of medical examination. On April 16, Mr. H became the first batch of applicants to receive investment invitations. On April 17, with the assistance of Oye Immigration Australia, Mr. H successfully completed his investment in Australia. On May 3, Mr. H’s visa was approved.

Tailor-made for the rich in China

It is understood that within three months after the launch of the “A$5 million important investor immigration”, more than 200 investors from China have submitted EOI intentions for the visa. At present, the visa has been launched for half a year. On the one hand, domestic investors have expressed a strong interest in the visa, and on the other hand, they are cautious and wait-and-see from the perspective of “safe investment immigration”. After the first signatory is born, the confidence of investors will be enhanced.

Aoye immigration experts believe that Australia’s “5 million Australian dollar major investor immigration visa” is the first time the Australian government has implemented a new initiative in 100 years that can “spend money to invest and obtain status”. The new gold channel tailored by the wealthy, with no age requirements, simple investment, no audit and background restrictions, and fast approval time, is bound to set off a new wave of Australian investment immigration.

Aoye immigration experts said that although the threshold of Australia’s “important investor project” is high, if it is a qualified applicant, the application speed is extremely guaranteed, and it is indeed a fast green channel. This project is suitable for business owners and investors with high assets to apply.

Some people in the industry also remind investors that there are 700 quotas for “A$5 million important investor immigration” each year, and each quota invests A$5 million. It is difficult to estimate whether this threshold will be higher and higher in the future. It is understood that the investment amount of New Zealand investment immigration before 2002 was only 1 million New Zealand dollars, which rose to 20 million New Zealand dollars in November of the same year; by 2009, the project of “Immigration with Money” was finally determined to invest 10 million dollars. New Zealand dollars, the investment amount remains high, so there are few applicants so far.

“A$5 million immigration”

What is the attraction?

Conditional advantages: There is no upper age requirement (over 18 years old), no business background requirement, no English proficiency requirement, and loose source of funds.

Application advantages: Applicants do not need to go through the scoring system, as long as they meet the investment requirements, they can submit an EOI application online.

Investment advantages: Flexible investment forms are undoubtedly a major benefit for investors.

Living advantage: It only takes 160 days to live in 4 years, which is the best of both worlds for investors who focus on domestic business.

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